Thank you for the warm welcome

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Northstar family – My first entry is one of immense gratitude.  This past Sunday I preached my 2nd message at Northstar since being called to serve as pastor.  Overall it was my 3rd time speaking to this amazing congregation.  When I first came to Tumwater, I would refer to Detroit as “home”.  But after finding a house here in Tumwater and making final plans to move my family here from Michigan, I have found myself referring to Tumwater as “home”.  I call it home because I believe with all my heart that this is where God has called us to serve and the wonderful people here at Northstar have welcomed us like family.  So it just feels like home.  I often tell people from blended families that “blood does not necessarily make a family, God makes a family”.  I can already sense the Father moving on our hearts, blending, adopting, and uniting us because after all…we ARE the family of God.  So thank you from our whole hearts for praying for, accepting, welcoming, and loving my family.  We know this is a God thing so we can’t wait to see the future unfold and to be a part of what the Lord is doing in Tumwater and beyond.  We aren’t perfect people.  Lord knows I’ve made my share of mistakes in the time I’ve been in ministry, but one thing I can promise…I will always strive to serve with integrity, honor, and love.  We are always learning and we Christians are a work in progress, myself included.  So I am committed to repentance and continual personal growth as I struggle to serve God with everything I can muster up…just like the rest of us.  I only ask that you allow me to walk this walk with the same grace I’ve been called to lead and serve with.  Together we can.

Love Does…and will,

Pastor Tom