We are a Church of God (Cleveland TN) congregation.  As such we subscribe to the Church of God statement of faith.
The following is a quick simple set of statements but is not the full COG statement of beliefs.  To find out more, visit

We Believe:

  • God inspired and maintained the integrity of the Bible.
  • In one God eternally existing in three persons; namely, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  This is called The Trinity.
  • Jesus is God’s only Son, born of a Virgin, was crucified for sins and rose again.
  • We are ALL sinners.  No one’s perfect.  We all need forgiveness.
  • Jesus shed His blood on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins.
  • We are saved from hell by faith in Jesus to forgive us of our sins, which He does freely to those who put their faith in him.
  • God wants us to live holy lives, not for Himself, but because a holy life benefits us.
  • In the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Gifts like tongues and prophecy are real, but practiced with wisdom and restraint.
  • In adult water baptism.  When you commit to Jesus, you get baptized as a symbol of your commitment.
  • Physical healing happens.  We have witnessed many miracles of healing.
  • Communion.  We often celebrate the Lord’s Supper by participating in Communion during service.
  • Jesus will return.  He’s coming back to judge and redeem.

We Value:

  • People.  They matter to God so they matter to us.  People need people.
  • The Bible.  God inspired and maintains it.  So we follow it and believe it.  It works.
  • Worship.  He’s God so we worship Him to show our devotion, gratitude, and love.
  • Learning.  We don’t just say “because the Bible says so”.  We learn WHY the bible says so.  Science and History compliment the Bible, not disprove it.
  • Integrity. We all make mistakes so why hide it?  We’re honest about our human-ness.  We won’t judge you, but we will challenge you to live to your potential.
  • Honor.  We don’t just say it, we DO IT because we believe “Love Does”.
  • Realness.  No church games here.  We keep it down to Earth, not over your head.
  • Prayer.  God is listening…and doing.  You might be surprised at what we’ve seen God do.  He loves us after all.
  • Excellence.  God gave His best to us when He sent us Jesus.  We should do our best for Him at all times.
  • Serving.  Why just observe?  Get involved and let God use you.  He gave you gifts, passions, and talents for a reason.
  • Outreach.  Everyone needs hope.  Jesus told us to go give hope and help people come to know how to serve Him.  Every Christian is given the mission to go out and reach people for God.