We believe God’s purpose for our church is global.
That is why we support missions to nations around the world.

Mission: Iraqi Relief





Like many places around the globe Iraq has been ripped apart by decades of war. The hearts, minds, and spirits of the people there have been so engulfed in darkness that death, destruction, brutality, and loss have become a way of life.

“These are a people that need God. They need His grace, peace, forgiveness, and salvation.” And that is why Pastor Jack Harris has dedicated the last several years of his life to Iraqi freedom through the Lord’s ministry.

With nothing but a Bible and the joy of Christ, Pastor Jack faces the unspeakable as he heads into the war zone to heal hearts, illuminate minds, and liberate the thousands of souls in Iraq that are so desperately in need of God.


Mission: Philippine Revival


Pastor Charles Davis and his wife Elsie live on Negros Island in the Philippines. From there they lead several vibrant churches that spread the word of God throughout the Philippines.

With relentless devotion and labor Charles and Elsie have produced a dynamic Christian based curriculum for an educational program that is being taught through their school system. The people are assimilating well and putting the lessons they learn into daily practice.

In addition to the long term goal of establishing a Christian foundation in the educational system, Pastor Davis is also highly focused on the immediate need to feed the hungry. To do this, he and Elsie started and manage a fish farm that is growing rapidly. With a population of over 92 million in the Philippines at an estimated fifty percent living below the poverty line, this is quite an undertaking with a never ending demand. That’s why Pastor Charles and Elsie need our support and our prayers.