There’s nothing more exciting than getting a dream from God.  For those who don’t know this about me, I’ve been an insomniac my entire life.  I sleep when I can, but often sleep is a struggle and as a result, I rarely recall my dreams.  So when I awake in the morning with a very vivid memory of a dream, it’s often because it’s a dream from God.  Recently I shared with the church that God gave me a dream before I ever came to Washington of a church that was reaching the community so effectively that every seat was full within a year of coming here.  That dream drove me to come here to Washington to become the pastor of Northstar Church and has served as a source of encouragement to me so that no matter what obstacles come up, I know God will bring about His will for me and the church.  Last week I had another very vivid dream which helped me understand exactly how this original dream was to be fulfilled.  In this most recent dream God showed me a full sanctuary again, only this time I asked how many people were in church for the first time.  To my amazement 20-30 hands went into the air.  The revelation of this dream is still starting to become known to me, but here’s what I’ve gleaned so far.  1. So many hands going up shows me that the way we will grow will be by attracting new visitors. We will do this by being culturally relevant, authentic, and unashamedly devoted to Jesus. This will show in our dedication to serving our community, our worship, and our authenticity. 2. For that many hands to go up at one time indicates that our growth will be a revival in nature. Like the new church in Acts 2 where 3,000 souls were added in one day with many more being added daily, I believe this dream means Northstar will experience a sudden and powerful move of God resulting in many coming to Jesus. Anyone who knows me knows this is my heart’s cry. All pastors are wired differently, some for evangelism, others for discipleship and so on. I have a heart for new believers and getting them connected to the body of Christ so they can find fulfillment and purpose in God’s church. I believe this latest dream is an indication that God plans to something amazing very soon.

Joel reminds us that God promises “…your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 2:28b) Ok, so this old man is dreaming. What young men and women of God will come along and be visionary? Here’s the thing, we need vision growing within the congregation. My prayer today is that God will give you vision to jump into the river of what God’s doing at Northstar. I encourage you to pray the same. God doesn’t only give vision to the pastor. Actually I believe He gives even more vision to the congregation so they can jump in and support what God wants to do in the church. So pray for vision. Pray for dreams. And when He speaks, obey and you will see God do great things. Lastly, don’t be discouraged or afraid if not everyone catches the vision. Resolve in your heart today to be determined to follow the vision God’s given you even if others choose a different route. Remember, it’s God who moves people around to where they ought to be. Accepting that and staying focused on the vision is all that matters. God’s in charge of all the rest.