Pastor Luke Hodges 11/14/18 “God’s Recipe For Kingdom Success” 


Pastor Luke Hodges 11/11/18 “Chosen” 


Rev. Felipe Chimal 11/04/18 “Renewing Our Passion For The Church” 


Rev. Jack Harris 10/28/18 “Futility” 


Pastor Luke Hodges 10/21/18 “Appetites” 


Bishop Vaughn Mathews 10/14/18 “Integrity” 


Pastor Luke Hodges 10/07/18 “The Witness Of Apostasy & Love” 


Minister Jake Davis 9/30/18 “The Beautiful Exchange” 


Pastor Luke Hodges 9/23/18 “Walking In Christ’s Love” 


Rev.Jim Hughes 9/16/18 “What are we doing” 


Pastor Luke Hodges 9/9/18 “My Name Is Grace. I am a Warrior” 


Pastor Luke Hodges 9/2/18 “Enter & Rest in The King’s Provision” 


Pastor Tanikka Watford 8/26/18 “Time To Thrive” 


Pastor Luke Hodges  8/19/18 “Our Promise Inheritance”


Pastor Luke Hodges  8/12/18 “Are You Ready?”


Rev. Ceitci Demirkova 8-5-18


Pastor Luke Hodges 7/29/18 “Wait Till Your Father Comes Home” Pastor Luke Hodges 


Pastor Luke Hodges 7/22/18 “Healthy Home Thrive On Connection” 


Pastor Jaimee Hodges 7/15/18 “Marriage is Worthy of HONOR”


Pastor Luke Hodges  Wednesday 7/11/18 “We are Christ’s Answer”



Pastor Tanikka Watford 7/8/18 “The Blessed Family Part 3: Needing a Father” 


Pastor Luke Hodges  7/1/18 “The Blessed Family Part 2″


Pastor Luke Hodges 6/24/18 “The Blessed Family Part 1″


Pastor Luke Hodges  6/17/18 Father’s Day “The Blessed Mess”


Ordination Service 6/17/18 Pastor Jaimee Hodges, Pastor Micheal Franklin, and Pastor Tanikka Watford


Pastor Luke Hodges 6/10/18 “The Next Day”


Graduation Service 6/10/18



Pastor Luke Hodges 6/3/18 “Practicing A Quiet And Gentle Spirit.”


Pastor Tanikka Watford 5/27/18 “The Always Promise” 


Pastor Luke Hodges 5/20/18 “Promised Strength”


Pastor Jaimee Hodges 5/13/18  “Deborah Anointing”


Pastor Michael Booker 5/6/18 PM District Service “What’s falling and What’s flowing”


Pastor Michael Booker 5/6/18 “Revelation For NorthStar”


Pastor Micheal Franklin 4/29/18 “God Bring The Fire”


Pastor Luke Hodges 4/22/18 “The Promised Family” Part 3 


Pastor Luke Hodges 4/15/18 “The Promised Family” Part 2


Pastor Luke Hodges “Takes One to Know One” Titus 2 Slave Wednesday Night 04/11/18



Pastor Luke Hodges “The Promised Family” 04/08/18


Pastor Luke Hodges “Dead or Alive”? Easter 4/01/18


Pastor Luke Hodges “Undercover Jesus” Good Friday Service 3/30/18



 Pastor Luke “The Promise of the Elevated King” 3/25/18


Bishop Rick Bear “Apprehended Of Christ” 3/18/18


Minister Micheal Franklin “Young Men” Wednesday Night Service 3/14/18



Pastor Tanikka Watford “Promised Tarry” 3/11/18



Pastor Luke Hodges  “Titus 2 Family” Wednesday Night Service on 3/07/18


Pastor Luke Hodges  “The Promise To ALL Believers”  on 3/04/18


Pastor Jaimee Hodges  “Titus 2 Women” Wednesday Night House of Prayer 2/28/18


Pastor Tanikka Watford “Complete Love” 2/25/18


Pastor Luke Hodges “Older Age Men” Wednesday Night House of Prayer 2/21/18



Rev. Dennis Reanier 2/18/18


Pastor Luke Hodges “The Promise Of Love Require Forgiveness” 2/11/18


Pastor Luke Hodges “Love Requires A Journey, Not Perfection” 2/4/18



Minister Tanikka Watford Appointment to Associate Pastor of Northstar 1/31/18


Pastor Luke Hodges “The Promised Word” 1/28/18


 Bishop Scott Emerine “Passion, Purpose, and Priorities” 1/21/18


Pastor Luke Hodges “The Promise and The Pot” 1/14/18


Pastor Chuck Davis 1/07/18