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Can we pray for you?

I believe there is nothing more important and effective as prayer.  I take every single prayer request seriously.  You can be assured if you request prayer, it will be prayed for.  I am honored to be able to pray with you either through an email request or in person at church.  There is nothing special about me, I'm just a person and God doesn't listen to me any more than He listens to you, but where two or more agree in prayer, I believe there is power.  So I look forward to praying with you, believing with you, and seeing great things happen.  ~Pastor Tom

Prayer is the backbone of the ministry.  Without prayer we would be spinning our wheels because without God's power we are only so effective.  Prayer must under-gird everything we do.  We have a dedicated prayer team who, along with Pastor Tom will agree with you in prayer.   In most services we provide an opportunity for people to come forward and receive prayer.  Our team led by Jacky Norris and Pastor Felipe are always available to pray at the end of services.  Pastor Tom will also be very happy to pray with you personally because he loves seeing God work.  

For prayer...

If you would like to request prayer, please fill out the form below.  All prayer requests are kept confidential and ONLY shared with our pastoral staff and prayer team.  

Or come visit some Sunday or Wednesday and let us pray with you.  

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