About Northstar

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What to Expect

Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be a Christian.  But if you’re not, we hope you won’t stay that way for long.  Currently Northstar is running about 60 or so people and we have regular visitors almost weekly.  So we're not too big that you'll get lost in the crowd, but not too small to be doing quality ministry.  Come be a part of what God is doing at Northstar.  There is a place for you here.  Here's what to expect when you visit:

  • The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Dress is casual.
  • You will not be singled out as a visitor. There is a visitor card in the seat back pocket if you desire to fill one out.  If you fill one out we won’t call unless you specifically ask us to.  We’ll just send you a welcome in the mail.
  • There are classes for children through grade 5 during the preaching portion of the service. Background checks have been done on all workers.
  • There will be great music utilizing guitars, drums, keyboard etc.  Most people sing, some worship with expressions such as raising their hands.  You can participate at whatever level you feel comfortable.  No pressure, just be yourself.
  • There will be prayer. No one will call on you to pray out loud.  But we believe God hears and answers prayer so we will pray at various times throughout the service.
  • There will be teaching out of the Bible, focused on Jesus.  It will be practical and relatable.  You will be challenged in a positive way to become devoted to God.
  • There will be an offering during the service. You will never be pressured to give.  If you’re visiting, please don’t worry about giving.  Instead, fill out a connect card and drop that in the basket instead so we can drop you a card to say Hi.  Giving is for regular attenders who support the mission of Northstar Church.
  • If you have any questions while at Northstar, visit our Info Center.

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Authentic worship is the centerpiece of Northstar's ministry vision.  We love to worship through singing and music.  At Northstar we have a powerful vision to create a moving, authentic, and current worship experience.  We believe in excellence, so when you come you'll hear a band that is well-prepared, whose most important goal is to help people connect with God through the worship service.  Our talented team will usually play an upbeat song or two, then assist the congregation in entering into a time of more intense, devotional worship where the Spirit of God leads.

Part of our vision is to create multiple worship teams, have worship nights devoted to worship only, and see God raise up a new generation of worship leaders who want to see worship used to evangelize the world.  We have many opportunities, especially for up and coming musicians and singers to be involved, get trained, and lead.

If this your first time with this sort of worship experience, it might seem a little odd at first that people do things like raise their hands as they sing.  As some people worship the God they love, they choose physical ways of reaching out to Him.  For many, it’s a very emotional experience as they tell God how much they love Him and need Him in their lives.  Think of it like a hug.  When you feel love for someone, you often hug them.  We can’t hug God because He is Spirit, but we can reach out our hands and give Him all our hearts as sing.  So when you think of it that way, it’s not all that strange is it?  But look, there's no pressure.  Participate as much or as little as you feel.  Everyone comes to worship in their own time and in their own way.  So there's never pressure to conform.  We just encourage you to make the same room in your heart for those who may express themselves a little differently than you would.  Most importantly our goal is to worship with authenticity.